Bergianska Garden

An oasis of blooms

The Bergius Botanical Garden in Brunnsviken in Stockholm is a popular recreation area for Stockholmers all year round. In this garden, recognised as a cultural monument, you can enjoy nature and the beauty of flowers along nicely laid out paths and from seats overlooking the water.

In summertime you can sometimes have a swim, and in winter Brunnsviken is popular with skaters. Bring a picnicbasket – the park is a perfect place for a day out.

The Bergius Botanical Garden contains over 7000 species of plants and is located in a varied natural setting. Largeparts of the garden are constructed around plant types, such as the Herb Garden(Örtkvarteren). The Japanese pond was created for the 200th anniversary of the Bergius Foundation in 1991. The Victoria House from the year 1900 contains tropical water plants and utility plants. Here you can occasionally see the gigantic water lily bloom.

And don't miss Edvard Anderson's greenhouse, with its large Mediterranean and tropical zones. There is also a café and shop.

In 2010 a new, recreated wetland area was set up in the park. In addition to the groundwork, sedge, buckbean and yellow iris have also been planted. The hope is to increase the biological diversity with new plants and animals and also reduce the leaking of nutrients into the watercourses.

The history of the Bergius Botanical Garden goes back to the eighteenth century, when the first garden was situated in what is now Vasastaden. The new garden in Frescati was established in 1885 when Professor Wittrock moved the facility to Frescati. The new Bergius Botanical Garden was created as a botanical garden on scientific principles, with plants arranged by type and geographical origin.


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Begius Botanical Garden